Meet Julie

My name is Julie Perry – I’m a teacher, a wife, and I am proud to be the Republican candidate for Virginia Senate, District 36.

My father served over 20 years in the United States Air Force, so growing up we moved around quite a bit. I learned the value of finding a place you could call home, and I found that, here in northern Virginia, with my husband, Mike.

Education is a lifelong passion of mine—I get to live in my dream job every day, teaching high school World History in Northern Virginia.

As a teacher, I have had to watch our students struggle under the crushing pressure of being forced to stay at home and transition to online-based learning. I have seen the social and emotional toll it has taken on them, their families, and on my colleagues. Moreover, I watched their calls for help go unanswered at so many levels. I have also seen the damages of indoctrinating our students with the principals of the Cultural Relevant Teaching. It is very divisive, and it does not inspire students to better themselves because it teaches that every student must think alike and learn on the same level.

A few years ago, we saw riots, looting, violence in communities across America. At a moment in history when our public safety personnel needed our elected leaders the most—many, including my opponent, were not there. In fact, many stood in firm opposition to them.

They aren’t the only ones feeling abandoned though. Here in Virginia, regulations, increased taxes, and unchecked spending are driving people away. We are in a multi-year streak of citizens and businesses leaving our beautiful state.

My solutions are simple, common sense, and bipartisan. We need to educate and not indoctrinate our students. We need to prioritize public safety and adequate funding and resources for our first responders. We also need to rein in spending and reduce burdensome regulations that are driving families and businesses away from Virginia.

Lastly, we need to build bridges within the General Assembly—not burn them as we’ve seen my hyper-partisan opponent do. I think that all of us share a vision for a prosperous Virginia—one where government works for the people. Restoring the servant in public servant is my goal. My pledge to you is this—I will spend every day working to earn your vote and to understand the issues that mean the most to you. My name is Julie Perry, and I hope that I will receive your vote, and earn the privilege of being your voice in Richmond.

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