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As a teacher, I am seeing firsthand how partisan politics that schools that implanting on students are harmful because they are very divisive and they take away from a student’s important ability enhance critical skills that they need to succeed in life such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Partisan politics are being implanted in the Virginia school curriculum, which includes a lot of history that is factually inaccurate and is driving a wedge in our nation to fulfill a partisan political agenda. 


Another issue that is close to my heart is wanting to see Virginia continue to be a “Right to Work” state. I have seen how much power the education associations have this past year and their power will only increase if Virginia loses that “Right to Work” statues because it forces school systems to keep bad tenured teacher employed that hurts a student’s education because it will be almost impossible to fire them once they
are tenured.


I do not support gun control. As a matter of fact, I absolutely believe that everyone has the right to bear arms. As a history teacher, the reason that our founding fathers put the 2nd Amendment in the constitution is to overthrow a tyrannical government. Our founding fathers stated that they agreed upon the 2nd Amendment in case the 1st Amendment does not work out.


One of the basic duties a government has to its citizens is providing for their basic safety against crime. When criminals are not detained much less punished, they become emboldened and commit more crimes.  Others who would normally not commit a crime, see the relaxed (if not non-existent) punishment and likewise emboldened to break the law. Our Law Enforcement professionals do not need to be restrained. Instead, they need more screening to ensure we have the highest caliber individuals with the authority we invest with them. 

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